The end of the semester is quickly approaching, and once again that means it’s a great time to look back on what I have achieved thus far. I have learned a lot these last few months working on the website and I am pretty proud of everything I was able to learn and apply. The biggest takeaway from all of this work is all of the knowledge I have gained from using new software like Jing and GarageBand. Running a website is definitely a continuous learning process. There will always be ways to enhance it, whether it be deciding to create a new header on Photoshop or adding tutorial videos using a screencast.

At this moment in time, I am glad with the state of Word Pressed. I still like the simplicity of the original theme I chose, allowing the focus to remain on my content. I did my best to stick to my theme of choosing one word to relate to my writing and feel that I was able to carry out the purpose I intended when creating the site.

Actually being able to produce blog posts and publish them on the web was a fantastic experience. After running the site throughout the semester, I realize it is actually not too daunting to put yourself out there. It certainly helped that I did not know many of my audience members personally, so there was level of separation where I felt more comfortable expressing myself and writing about challenges I faced during the creation of this website. I am satisfied leaving Word Pressed in this state as the semester comes to a close. But who knows? I might continue producing new content, as I have gained a stronger appreciation for running my own site.


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