Personal blogs can be found all over the Internet. That is the great thing about sites like WordPress and Tumblr – they give people a great platform to begin their blogging experience. But also because of this, there are an endless amount of personal blogs to which my website can be compared.

Word Pressed is unique because of my concept to relate an entire post to one topic. And I do not have a specific topic I am focused on, which I guess also encourages originality. I can choose to write about whatever I want, giving me a bit more freedom than a purely health and wellness or fashion blog. It should not offend anyone if I stray from posting something out of the ordinary. I write about life, and that is what I have to offer to the conversation all personal blogs create with their existence. I am the only person who has experienced life the exact way I have, so sharing my reflections about traveling, evaluating friendships, surviving college, etc., adds a new perspective you all can either identify with, challenge, or cast to the side.

Yes, Word Pressed is just one more personal blog you can choose to follow or ignore in the vastness of the Internet. But that’s how it fits in with similar websites, you can pick and choose from any of them if it’s what interests you. I feel like my website is nicely surrounded by all of the other sites it is related to.


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