I never would have thought one day I would be creating a Powerpuff Girls character in my likeness but here it is! See for yourself below:


Creating my character was an interesting process. It was easy to navigate the site, which made it more fun clicking through the different options for physical features and clothing. Deciding on my eyes and hair was simple; I had no issues with deciding which choices matched my features the most. However, I wish there had been more clothing options and maybe a few more mouth options because I would have preferred to have a smile. Also, I felt the apparel options were limited and would not appeal to everyone looking to ‘Powerpuff’ themselves. I just picked a neutral outfit that I might actually wear. However, I do understand that maybe offering more options may not be in line with the show’s theme.

After completing the creation process, I am happy with the results. My character is adorable and represents me well, especially since I chose to include the Polaroid camera. I love capturing moments in pictures and wanted that to be highlighted. I am also proud that I got the Friend Defender superpower because I am very loyal to my friends and always support them. I definitely recommend creating a character if you want to kill sometime and have a little laugh!

You can Powerpuff yourself here.


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