I found the picture above on Pixabay and immediately thought it was perfect for Word Pressed. It illustrates my site’s focus on writing based on my experiences as time passes. The pages are also marred by ink stains, so obviously the work is imperfect, much like my own written reflections. However, this all adds character to the image, and I would like to think my site exudes its own character, as well.

The great thing about this image is that it falls under Creative Commons and is available for me to use. In the Pixabay description of this picture, the original poster even says that the image is free to use without attribution. Furthermore, in posting this image, I abide by several factors of the Fair Use Checklist. My purpose in posting this image is for educational use and to comment on it. It has already been published on the Internet. In terms of amount, I only chose to share one image from the creator which is certainly in line with educational purposes. Additionally, I do not think my site has any significant impact on the market for copyrighted work. Therefore, considering all of these points on the checklist are accounted for, I am justified in sharing this image on my blog. This is great for me because I really like the image and it fits in nicely on my website!



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