Memes are a significant part of today’s Internet culture. Until recently, I did not really understand the full meaning of what a meme is. Through our readings and class discussion, I was able to learn more about this huge cultural phenomenon and gain a new appreciation for memes.

I have always thought the memes that I came across in my feeds on Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr were hilarious, and because of this reason, I found it challenging to decide which meme related to Word Pressed the most. I began my search on Know Your Meme by typing relevant words into the search bar, such as “words” and “thoughts.” However, there were no memes in these categories. So I searched for “life” and the “Life Hacks” meme appeared. Now this I could work with.

Life Hacks as defined by the site are “tricks, skills or shortcuts that are meant to increase a person’s productivity or efficiency in their everyday lives.” I relate this to my site because my main focus is on learning from my experiences and realizing how I can improve my life moving forward. While this is certainly a far stretch from the original purpose of the meme, an example of which includes using a CD spindle to hold a bagel sandwich, I think this is a good literal representation of my site. There are some very strange life hacks out there, and I have come to some very odd realizations about myself based on past events. But everything I am doing is to grow and maybe find out ways I can be a more productive human being.


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