Let’s talk about sociability. I consider myself an extroverted person and actively look forward to meeting new people and introducing myself to novel experiences. This facet of my personality has definitely shaped how I approach expressing myself and pursuing new interests.

A major way I put myself out there and explore my interests is through social media. I am pretty addicted to Instagram and Snapchat to be quite honest. I love being able to share pictures and videos of fun and special events in my life. Moreover, I can share pertinent or interesting information with my followers. For example, when one of my student organizations hosts an event, I can promote it through my social media outlets and encourage them to come out. Similarly, when I come across something interesting, like a beautiful piece of art in a museum, and share it on my social media, my followers get a glimpse into what I find appealing and can learn about my interests.My posts here on WordPress also serve to promote my personal brand. Therefore, I encourage you all to share my blog on your social media outlets such as Facebook or Instagram. If you’re interested in what I have to say and want to tell your followers about it, please do! I’m writing these posts so people can identify with someone and can gain new knowledge from my experiences. So of course I would want as many people as possible to read Word Pressed and tell others to do the same!

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