With the end of my Midterm season finishing up in the next few weeks, I figured it was time to reflect on the semester thus far. I was beyond excited to return to Rutgers since it had been practically eight months since I’d been here. I definitely missed it and wanted to make the most of coming back to Spring semester. That meant: fully loaded schedule with 18 credits, reconnecting with friends, and re-familiarizing myself with my extracurricular responsibilities. And now here I am thinking I’ve done an alright job accomplishing these goals.

However, it’s been difficult balancing everything I want to do, both socially and academically. Finding time to sit down and study is hard when I have so much to catch up on with people and fulfill my extracurricular roles. However, this past week has put my life back into perspective. At the Australian university I studied at last semester, my classes did not have midterm projects or exams. I guess part of me forgot how to balance my time since it’s been a while since I had to. Also it didn’t help that I had three exams in a row the week before spring break. However, the upcoming holiday is a serious motivator for me to get through this week. Also, having this blog project to work on provides me with a reason to do something different with my time, like writing this post where I can vent about my week. This whole blogging experience so far has definitely been a major enhancement of my semester since I am learning practical skills and enjoying doing so.


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