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Screencasting was definitely a novel experience. Hearing my voice narrate the video was strange. I think it felt bizarre because I never knew how people made screencasts and figured I would probably never learn since it didn’t seem like something I would need. However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover how simple it was to accomplish this task.

It didn’t take much time to find a blog with a design layout I appreciated. I knew I wanted to focus on a fashion or lifestyle blog because they generally have clean themes I admire. I used to follow The Fashion Guitar on Instagram a while back, so I was already familiar with her and ultimately decided to analyze her blog in my video.

When I finally sat down to record with Jing (a program I’d never used before), I honestly did not think it would take as long as it did. I thought to myself, A two minute video? This should take ten minutes max. I skimmed the Dunn article again, and thought I only needed one take to talk about the characteristics I liked on her site. Yet, one line in, I hit stop and cleared the project; I would have just rambled had I continued. I realized I needed to jot down some notes regarding the foundation, navigation bar, and other attributes I found appealing. Even with my notes, I still had to record multiple times because I wasn’t pleased with my comments and how my voice sounded in the screencast. However, having to screencast a few times in a row really helped me hone in on key points to mention and how I wanted to say it. So even though what I thought would originally take 10 minutes to create ended up taking me 30 minutes, I’m glad I took my time. Yes, it would have gone much smoother had I been more prepared the first time around, but at least I learned something.

Pacing myself with this assignment helped me develop my beginner skills in screencasting. I’m much more comfortable voicing my opinions while recording with Jing since I replayed several tries and was able to adjust my technique throughout the process. I could imagine using this skill in future employment opportunities to show clients how to perform an electronic task or creating tutorials for training new employees. Screencasts could be used in marketing campaigns, possibly for particular causes where one can use a screencast to explain how people can get involved by donating on the organization’s website. Thus, I think potential employers in the marketing industry may value this skill because it adds to my creative skill set and is an innovative way of interacting with people in business.


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