The premise of today’s post was to showcase Word Pressed through an audible commercial, which you can listen to here.

Honestly, creating this commercial was difficult. To create it, I used GarageBand on my MacBook Pro. I had never used this program before, and let me tell you, it was quite confusing. Although I love listening to heavily mixed music, I have no clue what processes actually go into creating audio.

Deciding on the songs I wanted to use was definitely the easiest part of this ordeal. The entire premise of my site revolves around expressing details about my life, so I wanted to highlight the liveliness my blog posts encapsulate. Therefore, my first choice was “Feels Like Home” by The Him. This song was the anthem of my study abroad experience because I related to the lyrics and loved the exciting beat. So naturally, I would want this to be a part of the commercial that represents my site since my life has been heavily influenced by my time in Sydney. Then I was just browsing through my music library until I found “Seve” by Tez Cadey. It immediately jumped out at me because it’s another lively track that would communicate the spirit of my site to readers. And so, the first step was over and done with. Easy peasy.

Then came the struggles. Initially, I had no idea what to say in my commercial. It took me a long time to figure out what to say and an even longer time to record it. I had to record myself multiple times because I didn’t expect my MacBook’s microphone to pick up so much background noise. Honestly, learning how to use GarageBand was just a succession of flukes. It took several clicks to locate Edit>Split Regions at Playhead, which let me space out my voice recording to make the commercial longer. Also, I accidentally clicked on my Narration Vocal track a few times and points started to appear. I was worried I was ruining my audio until I played the project and realized they were volume controls. This was great because I was then able to edit the intonations in my voice recording to make it more engaging.

After overcoming all of the obstacles and spending a couple of hours on the project, I was really happy with my final product. I think the my vocal recording could be a bit smoother next time, but for my first attempt at creating a commercial, I’m proud of it. The songs mixed well with each other and I believe that the fade from “Seve” into “Feels Like Home” is a perfect intro for the lyrics that echo in my head often. My dialogue mixed with the music work together to express the lively foundation of Word Pressed. In general, I believe this experience was lively in itself because it kept me engaged in solving problems and excited me when I was successful.


2 thoughts on “Liveliness

  1. Wow I really loved your song choices for this commercial. They reflect the simplicity of your blog, and they also matched with the content of your commercial. I feel like your crossfade was nicely done as well.


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