When I first created this blog, my whole concept was based on how my experiences have shaped my perspective and how they would influence my reaction to one word. To highlight this idea, my previous header was a picture taken from a window in the Sydney Tower Eye that offered an amazing view of the city at night. It represented the new perspective that my recent study abroad experience had given me.


But this week, I was tasked with being creative and making a new header. Ideally, it had to encompass my personality and my identity as a student, but I also wanted to keep the idea behind my website at the forefront. I wanted to mix two images together that would represent how I am creatively expressing my opinions on my life through words.

As I began my Google search for images to remix, I started looking up travel photography. I wanted a scenic landscape as the background of my header because I think it’s important to go out and explore what the world has to offer to gain those important impressions that shape people’s identities. However, I was having trouble finding an aesthetically pleasing landscape with a Creative Commons Attribution License. So then I moved on to looking for images that would represent the writing aspect I wanted to communicate through my header. By doing this, I was led to a Flickr profile for Sarah Reid who had great images that incorporated word tiles with her settings. I was so excited when I found these pictures because they were perfect for what I wanted to create. In my opinion, the “paper flower” symbolizes growth through creative expression, while the question “what’s next?” illustrates how I am open to new experiences shaping my identity.

I used Photoshop in the past, but it had been a while. Therefore, it took me a bit of time to get used to all of the tools again. With the two pictures I wanted to mix, I had to crop just the tiles for “what’s next?” in an unconventional shape. This took a long time switching between the eraser and brush to add to the selected area in order to erase the background so I could insert it as a new layer on top of the “paper flower” picture. I became slightly frustrated with the process because the edges were difficult to get right, especially since I had to work with a shadow as well. I also had an issue deciding on the brightness and contrast levels since they were very different between the two images.

However, despite my struggles to remix these images, I am mostly satisfied with the outcome. I was able to reacquaint myself with Photoshop, so now I am comfortable using these skills again for other assignments and creating promotional materials for extracurricular events in which I’m involved. Regardless, the meaning behind the image was the most important aspect for my website, and if I can get that across in the slightest, I am pleased. I do think I will end up editing my header again as the semester continues, but for now it works for me!



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