I have always contemplated starting my own blog. Whether for personal or professional reasons, I just thought it would be a great experience to develop my creative writing skills and express myself in a totally new atmosphere.

Honestly, I had some trouble creating this website. I have never worked with WordPress, and navigating the customization features is quite different from other platforms that I have used before, such as Tumblr and Dreamweaver. However, as I continue to play around with all of the features in my desired theme, I am able to edit them to my liking. I believe I still have a lot to learn about the possibilities of this project, but I’m alright with the amount I have been able to accomplish in my first try. The more I update the website, the more comfortable I know I will become with changing my theme around and delving into different aspects of customization available to me through WordPress.

As a result of this first experience, it’s only fitting that the first word prompt is beginning. This is the start of something I’ve always wanted to do and am just taking the initiative now to do it. I knew that taking a course like Strategic Presentation, which requires me to work on this site, meant I would be forced to do something I was uncomfortable pursuing on my own. I didn’t want to create a blog on my own time (probably due to fear of my inability to write confidently), so I figured  I would be more inclined to begin a blog if I was actively critiqued on it. And thus, this leads me to my first experience with WordPress and all of its glory, which I now can’t wait to continue exploring.

Source: Oleander and Palm
Source: Coffee and Heels

One thought on “Beginning

  1. The concept for this blogs actually pretty interesting. A blog about a single word of the day is very out of the box thinking and creative. You do a pretty good job with the header, but I think some improvements can be made to the “garage” portion with all your widgets, tags, etc.


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