The end of the semester is quickly approaching, and once again that means it’s a great time to look back on what I have achieved thus far. I have learned a lot these last few months working on the website and I am pretty proud of everything I was able to learn and apply. The biggest … More Currently


Personal blogs can be found all over the Internet. That is the great thing about sites like WordPress and Tumblr – they give people a great platform to begin their blogging experience. But also because of this, there are an endless amount of personal blogs to which my website can be compared. Word Pressed is unique because … More Relatability


I never would have thought one day I would be creating a Powerpuff Girls character in my likeness but here it is! See for yourself below: Creating my character was an interesting process. It was easy to navigate the site, which made it more fun clicking through the different options for physical features and clothing. Deciding … More Character


I found the picture above on Pixabay and immediately thought it was perfect for Word Pressed. It illustrates my site’s focus on writing based on my experiences as time passes. The pages are also marred by ink stains, so obviously the work is imperfect, much like my own written reflections. However, this all adds character to the … More Fair


Memes are a significant part of today’s Internet culture. Until recently, I did not really understand the full meaning of what a meme is. Through our readings and class discussion, I was able to learn more about this huge cultural phenomenon and gain a new appreciation for memes. I have always thought the memes that … More Meme


Let’s talk about sociability. I consider myself an extroverted person and actively look forward to meeting new people and introducing myself to novel experiences. This facet of my personality has definitely shaped how I approach expressing myself and pursuing new interests. A major way I put myself out there and explore my interests is through … More Sociability


With the end of my Midterm season finishing up in the next few weeks, I figured it was time to reflect on the semester thus far. I was beyond excited to return to Rutgers since it had been practically eight months since I’d been here. I definitely missed it and wanted to make the most of … More Reflection